Rental Agreement

I, ______________________________________do hereby agree to rent from the City of Deer Creek, a municipal corporation of the State of Minnesota, the Community Center, located in the City of Deer Creek, or a portion thereof, as described below.

As a condition of the rental of said space, I hereby agree as follows:

  1. I shall pay to the City of Deer Creek for the rental of said space, the sum of _______________.
  2. The rental period shall commence at _________ o’clock until _________ o’clock on the day of _______________, _____.  Upon termination of the rental period, I shall promptly remove from the building all property belonging to me.
  3. I agree, if alcohol is to be served on the premises rented from the City of Deer Creek that it would be served by the Deer Creek Lions Club. It is your responsibility to contact them for arrangements.
  4. I further understand, acknowledge, and agree, that I am renting only the space set forth below in the building and that it is my sole responsibility to provide whatever security is necessary for whatever function I intend to take place.
  5. I hereby release the City of Deer Creek, a municipal corporation, from any claims by me or by any person acting on my behalf for any damage of whatever sort, which may occur.
  6. I further agree that should any claim be made for damages resulting from my rental of this property, I will hold harmless and indemnify the City of Deer Creek, a municipal corporation, from any amount which they have to pay as a result of such claim, including reasonable attorney’s fees.
  7. I further agree and certify that I nor any individual on the premises during the period on my rental, will not cause any damage to either the building or structure or any other property owned by the City of Deer Creek or any other party which may be located in said building.
  8. The purpose of the rental shall be as follows:



I understand and agree, that should I or any other party on/in the premises during the period of my rental, utilize the property for any purpose other than that set forth in the above, my rental of the property shall then immediately terminate and I will voluntarily leave.

  1. I agree to rent the following portions of the Deer Creek Community Center:

Small Room                $  75.00

Large Room                $200.00

  1. I understand and agree that I am responsible for damage caused to the property or its contents by me or any parties utilizing the property during the period of my rental.  I agree, that I will pay a damage deposit of $100.00 for the large room and $50.00 for the small room in advance of my rental of the property, which will be returnable to me within 10 days following my rental provided there is no damage.  I further agree that if the amount of any damage caused exceeds the amount of my damage deposit, I will promptly pay the balance.
  2. If the kitchen area is utilized during my rental, I agree that it will be cleaned and items properly put away.  I further agree that any part of the structure used by me will be cleaned up after my usage.  All garbage left will be disposed of by the City. The tables and all chairs will be put away.
  3. I agree that during my usage of the property, all city ordinances and the laws of the State of Minnesota will be complied with at all times and there will be no loud or disorderly conduct.
  4. I hereby assume sole responsibility for security of the premises.  I agree to pick up the keys no more than 24 hours prior to the usage of the structure and return them within 24 hours following the termination of my rental.
  5. Special conditions:



Make two checks payable to the City of Deer Creek, PO Box 272, Deer Creek, MN   56527 one for damage deposit and one for rental.  If no damage, the damage deposit check will be voided and returned to you.

      All rent must be paid before use.

I hereby certify that all the information contained in this Rental Agreement is true and correct.

Dated this _____________ day of _______________, ______.



Deer Creek City Official____________________________________________________

Please contact Troy Beiswenger at 701-361-5420, 120 2nd St N, Deer Creek, MN 56527 to make arrangements for key pickup and return. Email is

The City of Deer Creek does not charge for the use of the Community Center for memorial services.  However, a rental agreement and a deposit is required.  If the rental room is left in good shape and no other cleaning required, the deposit will be returned.